New Citizen Science features in SPOTTERON 0.2.4

New Citizen Science features in SPOTTERON 0.2.4

If you've subscribed to our newsletter, its no big news at all: Last week, the new Citizen Science project by Vetenskap och Allmänhet (Science and Public) and the Universities of Gothenburg and Stockholm has been pre-released on Android and is in review by Apple. Time to go into depth what new features are available also for your own Citizen Science project in SPOTTERON!



A big design overhaul! The new detail view is more clearly arranged and now has a readmore button implemented for longer user comments. All spot updates are displayed in a visual grid below the spot contents and the currently viewed entries are listed as animated bullets above. And yes - you can now swipe left and right while browsing!

spotteron 024 540px


The new interface for spot updates is one of the key aspects of this SPOTTERON update. Originally just a chronological timeline with simple buttons, the updates are now real "inventories" of locations with advanced display and animation. Furthermore, we improved the way, Citizen Scientists can put in the data: spot updates now can be bound to specific categories with their own data sets.

spotteron 024 03 2 540px


Some extensions there, too: We have now the possibility to use headlines directly in the interface to create a better structure - a must for longer data sets.

Furthermore, many detail improvements found their way into the new SPOTTERON version like a changing logo by language or updated zoom behaviors for better usabilty. And of course - all the new features are working in the interactive maps for desktop users of the projects, too.

spotteron 024 02 540px


With SPOTTERON, you can run your Citizen Science project very easily. We support you from the beginning with our now 15+ years experience in design and online technologies and provide a stable and reliable solution for your smartphone apps and interactive maps.

Click here to learn more about the features of SPOTTERON!


For your curiosity:

The following projects are powered by SPOTTERON and are available as smartphone apps and interactive maps for the project's websites:

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partner nv 136px
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partner streetart 136px
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